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This site comprises variety of medias the features; which is entirely Ethiopianâ's and can be used as a platform to access pretty much all in one In terms of entertainment; where you can tune-in and recap with your memories via a collection of good old music and digest it with contemporary ones, which will make you evaluate and think how far Ethiopian music evolved. You do all that of course not letting down the spiritual side of you as it cosseted with spiritual songs from Ethiopian Orthodox Mezmur to protestant as well as (Menzuma); a sort of thanksgiving for the creator that mostly indulged by the Muslim community. 

The site also embraces entertainment videos combination of Music, Series/Drama that already made or will be available on different platforms.

In the near future, there are a lot of a propositions to add other entertainment content including Lyrics page as well as live chat podium which will enable users to exploit for the purpose of communicating and discussing pretty much about anything, Moreover, it would be an ideal platform that one could catch up
with up-to-date news, exchange ideas about political, cultural and social issues inlined with other relevant topics close to our heart and interest.  

Finally, I would like to stress that, this website dedicated to all Ethiopians and for those who are passionate about our beautiful land. By any means and way is NOT biased to any culture, tribe, religion, as well as political perspective and I, would really appreciate all the visitors could practice the same code of conduct while enjoying what the website would offer.

Thank you in advance  
Samuel Taye
Founder of   Eth - Linkz 
Sole purpose of the website is to bring "us" by mean that "Ethiopians" together; where religion, culture and race has relatively quiet little meaning for the countries that lived side by side for centuries. This will help us to even get closer and to appreciate even more what we inherited from our forefathers; that sense of Unity and unconditional love for each other regardless what tribe, race or religion we started our life journey from.     
  • Implement sense of unity
  • Ease access for all Ethiopian Audio & Vidio Music
  • To be a platform for all the available media and
last but not least
You make this website work so maintaining your satisfaction would be our priority
Our Main operating office is located In London, United Kingdom.
You always welcome if you would like to leave any comments, questions, or suggestions. Please reach us via our  Contact Us  page.