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  1. Netsanet Melese - Ere Min Hunehal
  2. Asefu Debalike & tewdros Taddesse - Atbabi Sleyish
  3. Asnakech Worku - Tizita
  4. Aster Aweke - Bedesasa Gojo
  5. Aster Aweke - Gela Gela
  6. Ephrem Tamiru - Befiqirish Meyazen
  7. Ephrem Tamiru - Jemaye Ney Ney
  8. Kuku Sebsebe - Tizita
  9. Mahmoud Ahmed - Yager Betua Aynama
  10. Mehamud Ahmed - Enchi Liben
  11. Mehamud Ahmed - Endegena
  12. Melkamu Tebeje - Dena Hungi
  13. Tilahun Gessese - Yehoden lengeresh & Fesum Yelesh Acha
  14. Mesfen Abebe - Bota Merchina
  15. Neway Debebe - Maebel
  16. Neway Debebe - Mebrek
  17. Neway Debebe and Tsehaye Yohannes - Techawoch
  18. Yeshimebet Dubale - Tiz alenge And Sew
  19. Tekle Tesfazghi - Fikrey Telemeni
  20. Tsehaye Yohannes - Mejemerya Fikrey
  21. Yerdaw Tenaw - Esuaniem Siyadergat
  22. Neway Debebe - Agul Fiker
  23. Neway Debebe - Yalanchi Enoralehu
  24. Mesfin Abebe - Qal Kidan
  25. Tsegaye Eshetu - Anchi Kenategna
  26. Tilahun Gessesse - Fitsum Yelesh Acha
  27. Menelik Wosenachew - Wusheten New
  28. Mahmoud Ahmed - Tew Limed Gelaye
  29. Tilahun Gessesse - Hagere
  30. Melkamu Tebeje - Lebe Aysekeleshem
  31. Kuku Sebsibe & Alemayehu Eshete - Engedaye Nesh
  32. Kennedy Mengesha & Yeshiemebet Dubale - Leben Situarochew
  33. Hamelmal Abate and Neway Debebe - Harer
  34. Getachew Gadissa - Yefela Buna
  35. Fantu Mandayo & Tsehaye Bekele - Yet Neberesh
  36. Elias Tebabel - Mamaye
  37. Kennedy Mengesha - Delash Woy Mengedu
  38. Kuku Sebsebe - Lante Sil
  39. Bizunesh Bekele - Hizb le Hizb
  40. Asefu Debalke and Tewodros Taddesse - Aguresegne
  41. Aregahegn Worash - Yiker Yiker
  42. Teshome Aseged - Yene Akal
  43. Tamirat Molla - Tamime Tengiche
  44. Mohamud Ahmed - Amalele


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  1. "From love, family and friendship to liberty, unity and justice, there isn’t an aspect of life that Tilahun didn’t sing about."
    By: Ethiopin​

        In Ethiopia & for Ethiopians, the very concept of music which is contemporary is intertwined with the name Tilahun Gessesse! 
           He was a singer like no other with tremendously charismatic appearance ​​​​, holding his rightfuplace in Ethiopia as the country's one and only king of pop.

    From love, family and friendship to liberty, unity and justice, there isn’t an aspect of life that Tilahun didn’t sing about.  Music has a special place in the everyday lives of Ethiopians and no singer has been able to win the sentiments of the people the way Tilahun did over the years. 

  2. ​"Listen to his old records and you will know that he was one of a kind."
    By: Ethiopin​

    Muluken Melesse has an unmached place in Ethiopian music scene as the best male love song singer Ethiopia has ever produced and he certainly left an unparalleled legacy
    He left the world of music in the mid 1980s after undergoing a religious conversion, abruptly ending what had been one of the most successful musical careers of his generation.
    Listen to his old records and you will know that he was one of a kind. Decades after he departed the Ethiopian music scene, we are yet to hear love songs with even a fraction of the qualities of Muluken’s old songs. Though we are the poorer for our loss, we are immeasurably the richer for his many years of musical leadership and unparalleled legacy.

  3. "we have countless memories that we are so proud of, fond of, and unfortunately, will never experience again – because they happened in the good old days."
    By: Ethiopin​

    ​​​​ Aster Aweke, as the most recognized female singer Ethiopia has ever produced, has given us pure and substantial entertainment over the years.  She has given us wonderful memories, taught us what it means to love and be loved.  She reminded us, time and again, album after album, that we have got to be proud to be Ethiopians and to have a culture like ours.
     To her admirers, Aster is a blessing.  And with the release of her 24th album on the eve of Ethiopia’s 2006 New Year, the blessing continues.   Read More
      When it comes to contemporary Ethiopian music, we have had entertainers who have touched our hearts and made us able to enjoy the many aspects of life quite sentimentally and just beautifully
  4. In fact, until you've heard Ahmed's sweeping multi-octave voice in full workout, words hardly do it justice.​​
        "Of all the great male vocalists that Ethiopia has produced (and there have been quite a few), none is able to create eskeusta better than Mahmoud Ahmed."
            For over 40 years Mahmoud Ahmed has deftly combined the traditional Amharic music of Ethiopia (essentially a five-note scale that features jazz-style singing offset by complex circular rhythm patterns that give the music a distinct Indian feel) with pop and jazz, yielding some of the most adventurous, passionate, ear-opening, downright surrealistic sounds this side of the deepest, darkest dub or the most out-there free jazz.

     In fact, until you've heard Ahmed's sweeping multi-octave voice in full workout, words hardly do it justice. 


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