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  1. Chernet Senay - Maebel Wejebun Gesteselenge
  2. Enkuselase Gosa - Tewled Yemizekrew
  3. Meklit Dagnacew - Zare Derese Yelbe
  4. Meseret Meberate - Yilal Andebte
  5. Mirtnesh - Abatu Lante
  6. Mirtnesh & Zerfe - Ale Bezufanu
  7. Qalkidan Mekonen - Beenate Ekif
  8. Tadewos Awugchew - Seali lene
  9. Tadewos Awugchew - Sew Honkugn
  10. Tadewos Awugchew - Tisemagnaleh
  11. Tewodros Yosef - Yefaskiwun Beg
  12. Tigist Girma - Ye Petrosin Enba
  13. Tizitaw Samuel - Kef kef larghe
  14. Tiztaw Samuel - Endene Yeredahew Yelem
  15. Zemari Chernet - Andebetan Fta
  16. Zerfe Kebede - Ere Endante Yale
  17. መምህር ምህረታአብ አሰፋ Tenkway ena Asetenkway
  18. Orthodox Mels Alat - ሊቀ ጠበብት ዶ/ር ዘሪሁን ሙላቱ
  19. ኘሮቴስታዊ ጀሀድ በኢትዮጵያ ኦርቶዶክ ተዋህዶ በመ/ር ምህረት አብ
  20. Full New Orthodox Answers to Muslim ምስጢራዊው ቡድን part 1
  21. Full New Orthodox Answers to Muslim ምስጢራዊው ቡድን Part 2
  22. EOTC "ምስጢራዊው ቡድን"ቁጥር 2 A ----- by M/ Mehirtab Asefa
  23. EOTC "ምስጢራዊው ቡድን"ቁጥር 2 B ----- by M/ Mehirtab Asefa
  24. Ethiopia Christian vs Islam ታላቁ ፍጥጫ Part 1
  25. Ethiopian Christian vs Islam part 2.. ታላቁ ፍጥጫ Part 2


  1. Ethiopian Orthodox Church: A long history

    ​​By: Peggy Fletcher Stack 

    The Salt Lake Tribune
    Published September 13, 2008 12:01 am

    The Ethiopian Orthodox Church traces its lineage back to the Queen of Sheba, in the 11th century B.C. Legend has it that Sheba married King Solomon, who fathered her son, Menelik. As an adult, Menelik returned to Jerusalem, it is said, and returned with the Ark of the Covenant.
    The East African nation is even mentioned in the Bible.
  2. A Brief History of the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahido Church

    “The Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahido Church is an ancient church which upholds the Apostolic Teachings”
    1. Definition of Terms

    1.1 Ethiopia

    The term “Ethiopia”, which means “burnt face” in Greek, was first used by Homer and Herodotus to refer to the place between south of Egypt and Indian Ocean because the area was inhabited by people having that colour.
    Read More
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