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  1. Etsegenet H Mariam - Tizita
  2. Mahmoud Ahmed - Tizita
  3. Eyachiw Abuye - Tizita
  4. Yeshi Demelash - Tizita
  5. Michael Belayneh - Tizita
  6. Teddy Afro - Tizita
  7. Dawit Alemayehu - Betizitash
  8. Vahe Tilbian - Yene Tizita
  9. Bezawork Asfaw - Tezeta
  10. Netsanet Melese - Tizita
  11. Moges Ababu - Tizita
  12. Mahmoud Ahmed - Tizita
  13. Mahmoud Ahmed - Tizeta
  14. Workezebo G. Ezgiabher - Tizita
  15. Aster Bekele - Tizita
  16. Alèmayehu Eshete - Tizita
  1. 50 Years of Music with Mahmoud Ahmed

    "Ethiopia’s legendary musician Mahmoud Ahmed has been making music for the greater part of his life, and five decades later, epically, he’s still at it."

    The regal looking 74-year-old charming soul musician doesn’t show any signs of stopping, evident from a video clip showing his enrapturing performance –a feature of his richly textured vocal power, in a common custom way, riding a loping Amharic rhythm– at an extravagant 50 years of music celebration, held in his honor at the luxurious Sheraton hotel in Addis-Ababa, Ethiopia. This significant celebration is unprecedented and respectable given how, historically speaking, celebrating Ethiopian artists is rare tradition.

    To honor the legend’s tireless achievements, it is said that the evening was thick with musical entertainment as well as various gifts, awards, and praise packed speeches.

    Mahmoud Ahmed, dubbed as the “Red Sea’s most seductive soul singer” is of Gurage descent (an ethnic group in Ethiopia) born May 8, 1941 in Addis-Ababa’s Mercato district. From an early age, his inspiration for music was birthed during a period of time when he was enchanted with the music he heard on Ethiopian radio. Read More​​
  2. In Ethiopia’s Capital, a Resurgent Jazz Scene

    Cultured Traveler  NOV. 13, 2014

    On a recent Sunday evening, a stylish audience in their 20s packed Mama’s Kitchen, a wood-and-glass lounge on the fourth floor of an otherwise closed shopping center near the Bole International Airport in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia’s capital. They were there to hear an adventurous young pianist, Samuel Yirga, as he careened between free jazz, études, R&B and the popular local style known as Ethio-jazz, a bewitching genre that fuses jazz with traditional Ethiopian music.
    Mr. Yirga’s fingers flew across the keyboard, and the crowd nodded their heads reverently even through deep forays into dissonance. The musician’s intricate arrangements for his band featured psychedelic guitar lines and funky drumming, but the focus remained on the piano melody, which Mr. Yirga accentuated with the kind of ornaments and leaps characteristic of Ethiopian music.  Read More  

  3. Tizita: A New World Interpretation

    Dagmawi Woubshet
    From: Callaloo 
    Volume 32, Number 2, Spring 2009 

    In Amharic, the word tizita has three related meanings. It can mean, in the first place, memory and the act of memory. Some dictionaries parenthetically add nostalgia, or the memory of loss and longing—and nostalgia certainly evokes the word’s attendant mood, its melancholy, discernible in the way Amharic speakers employ it even in their most quotidian exchanges.

    Secondly, tizita refers to one of the scales or modes in secular Ethiopian music, one that conjures up in sonic terms the word’s dictionary meaning. Thirdly, and incorporating the two, tizita refers to a signature ballad in the Amharic songbook, which always takes the form of an expression of loss.

    At bottom, tizita is a ballad about the memory of love loss.  Read More
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